Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian

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Since my instagram was disabled i will come here suggested by a friend. 

I gave Angela White aka Blac Chyna my all and she tried to break me. It’s cool because i took the cars and diamonds back… the 0nly blessing was Dream. 

Still fucked up about it and i want to sue cupid. We were suppose to be getting married 7/7/2017.

I loved Blac Chyna. But she didnt love me… she was mad because Kylie stole her baby daddy Tyga and wanted revenge but i was naive and didnt know i was the target…

TO add to insult she cheated on me with a Chicago scammer wh0 scammed her.. 

So for that i released Blac Chyna Nudes. Shes a ex stripper any way so it aint like you aint never seen it before. Everybody seeks the Kardashians for money and i should have never tried to wife a hoe. i spent 100k to get her body fixed after having my baby .. Dream Kardashian…Fuck you BLAC Chyna… SUE CUPID

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