Both of us

Michael About a Guy, By a Girl, Texas 0 Comments

Tender is bad news, i wish i never got myself in the mess im in now. I met her on Tender and i wont post her name because i still love her i just need some friendly advice at 45 years old i should have my stuff together but i dont everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the …

Saheed Owolabi

Lauren1160 About a Guy, By a Girl, Illinois 2 Comments

I met Saheed 5 months ago, he is Nigerian. We met at a bar up North. Let me start with this, I WANT TO ——-SUE——CUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saheed started off really sweet, and of course we are all adults so let me be honest we had a sex on the first night (sigh). I think what made me jumo in bed with …

Cam Again

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Jusss a quick update on Cam thee ambitious. He is coming back into town and wants to go out in a few days, should i go out with him or leave him on the cliff for a while? Im confused, I guess he’s really not that into me huh?

Derrick Rose

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Pooh what are you doing still fucking with this Thotler? Let me keep it 100. You need a lil baby who gone listen but not a lil baaby that’s broke and always showing off in your Condo, or Her shoes you bought her, or riding in your foreign cars all frantic, what part of life is that shit? What do …


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Yep im solid with my decision to Sue Cupid!!! know why? because POF offers nothing but guys who just want SEX! Nothing real! I was only using the app because Washington doesnt have men just walking around, or handsome.. everyone is tucked in.. dont get me wrong i handle my business but i want to date now hahahaha I’m 32 …

My Boyfriend

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William Jeffrey is the most amazing man!! I met him on Black People Meet. At first I was skeptical about the dating site, because of natural fears of the horror stories of women being killed by men from online dating sites! All in all things have been going great, we have been dating for 3 months and taking things at …


Posh Girl About a Guy, By a Girl, Illinois 3 Comments

This is a positive review!  Dated this guy back in high school. Wish I had done better but I ruined our relationship. Now he is grown as hell, fine as HECK, HAS all his stuff together… smh he is a smooth dude who plays it cool. He is focused on his success so if he comes off standoffish don’t think …

Club Paris

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I will follow the funny  header theme hehehehehehehehe. Girl let me tell you. I met this big man at club Paris in Chicago. Yeah Yeah he’s a big boy, like 300 plus pounds, anyway I was digging the conversation, he was buying me drinks and subconsciously that kept me. He was ordering bottle. Who says you cant find love in …

Ambitious Cam

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I’ve been living in Phoenix Arizona for 8 years. I love it. Often I spend my weekends in Scottsdale, AZ with friends shopping and eating. Recently I met this guy by the name Cameron Colvin. It was pretty basic at first lol; our conversation that is. I’m a teacher, and he is a FBI agent hahaha no I’m joking, he …