Sahara The Dancer

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Oh man, this is going to give others more info on this couples shit huh, we can review our Ex or new pahtnas? I got a POF and E Harmony account and it’s no different than meeting a Female or Male on the street, we all come with problems and baggage. I’m doing a review on Sahara, she’s a dancer at V Live in Atlanta and of course i know what you’re thinking.. why are you interested in a dancer?? That’s because it’s the culture of the vulture??? Follow me?? ok good, life style is wild in the A and we have fun with each other. T Pain sed it best “Im in love with a stripper”. I hold a decent job and I love to go to the strip club, while there i met Sahara and it’s been a RYDE ever since, i’ve been knowing her on a personal level for like 8 months now, these days that quite a while to be with somebody or personal, so am i have been considering moving her in with me, yeah she still dances at the club but thats fine as long as she comes home to me, am i crazy??? yes or no. 

Should i let her stay with me, S/O to D Boi for putting me on to this site Add Me

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