Saheed Owolabi

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I met Saheed 5 months ago, he is Nigerian. We met at a bar up North. Let me start with this, I WANT TO ——-SUE——CUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saheed started off really sweet, and of course we are all adults so let me be honest we had a sex on the first night (sigh). I think what made me jumo in bed with him is because came across as a charmer. NO he didnt have much money but he was dressed very clean and just a gentlemen, he sells cars from the auction. He’s a basic guy and i was fine with that. The first red flag was when we were at my apartment and i asked if he was a lady’s man and he got highly offended, i didnt think such a question was a big deal, in my gut i felt he was over reacting and putting on a front to get me to shut up because i was something he wanted to control. I let that small thing go and tried to enjoy him because he was handsome to me, very muscular–beautiful smile—tall–and dressed well. As time went on our relationship just became based on sex—-what did i expect– the conversation was less and less. 


Fast Forward —


He’s made comments about my weight.. i was heated because i weight 160 to be honest thats not fat…… correct me if im confused


Then to top it off , after a big argument about nothing.. because i dont remember what triggered it, i go to his instagram page only to see that he picked up a new chick




Yes we made a mutual agreement when we were in good spirits that we were in a one on one relationship..he never told me we were done,, he called himself being a player


There was a time he was over my house and his phone kept ringing while we were trying to sleep and i cursed him out and of course he flipped out even worse because he said i was acting crazy. 

He had been dating a couple women including me as i dug deeper so you know what i did…


i egged his car. PS im not seeking advice just blasting a loser, liar and manipulator. that is all.. bye bye now 

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