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So what do you do when you think you’ve met the perfect guy? Well, you test the waters, give it a chance, be submissive a bit, show your softer side. I was home bored on POF browsing when I saw “him”. I decided to make the move, I saw he was interested in me and it was mutual! So of course we started a conversation. I mean, what’s the difference in meeting someone online vs a stranger on the street. After some time we decided to meet. I made sure to check all of his handles as best I could at the time to make sure it wasn’t a catfish. He was clear, I didn’t bother adding him on facebook. To be honest we had strong chemistry from the moment we linked up! He was physically attractive, tall, in shape, ambitious.. the perfect gentleman! He was saying all the right things, came off so genuine! We had a ball every time we went out! So while bragging to my sister I had just one concern…when I asked him for his facebook he got annoyed…. I was confused because we met on social media! I mean after all he started a Instagram page to check who I really was……mmmmhmmm this Mr.Perfect was starting to look real fishy to me.. Plenty Of Fish they say… right. So I decided to do more digging to see if he was hiding something from me! He was so open in the million conversations we had but didn’t want to add me on facebook. I tried to reason with him by explaining that I have EX’s on facebook too , so what’s the big deal…..BESIDES…. IM NOT THE GIRL SHOWING OFF MY “BOO” TO THE WORLD … or posting about my private affairs…. After investigating I found out this SOB was MARRIED… he told me he had a “baby mama” not a wife!!! I was broken and my soul was on fire!!!!!!!! I dont wreck homes or knowingly play #2…. like  a logical person, if you cheat on me we are done…. I mean this fool of a man was gifting me, dining me, spending time with me, showing me to his brothers, told me he wanted me to meet him mother… lol.. I need Steve Harvey right about now.. I cut him off quickly!!! Have you seen episodes of snapped??? Men will get you hurt out here, or you’ll end up hurting them!!! Randy Thompson is a pathological liar………That’s my review

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