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Tender is bad news, i wish i never got myself in the mess im in now.

I met her on Tender and i wont post her name because i still love her i just need some friendly advice

at 45 years old i should have my stuff together but i dont

everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the bs

When we first met it was instant chemistry we talked on the phone everyday and texted each but we were both holding back big secrets


WE are both married. I know the lord looks down on us but she was in a abusive relationship and I just fell off the wagon of love with my wife

She found out i was married first because women investigate everything and will find a way to get all info out of you, she did that after our relationship progressed from phones to meeting me at hotels and dinner dates 

After she flipped out on me she told me that she was married too and started crying, i love her with everything in me, shes smart and beautiful she can cook a great meal and makes me feel like a man 

am i wrong for wanting to divorce my wife and give it a year to marry her?

Signing Off “Twisted Dallas”

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